What is Routine Verification?

Routine Verification or Routine Eligibility Verification (REV) is an ongoing eligibility maintenance service aimed at helping employers to confirm health plan eligibility for new hires, life events, and acquisitions. REV works alongside the enrollment process to collect documents that confirm dependent eligibility and helps employers keep dependent eligibility records up to date. This is an important process for employers and their HR staff as it aids in keeping health plan costs down by ensuring money is spent appropriately and preserves positive employee relations.

Routine Eligibility Verification Services

Our Routine Eligibility Verification (REV) service makes dependent verification easy for your members while removing a significant time commitment from your HR staff. Best of all, the service essentially pays for itself through the savings found by avoiding ineligible dependents on your plan. Employers often choose to outsource Routine Eligibility Verification to confirm eligibility for new dependents before allowing them on to their health plan. The exceptional Routine Eligibility Verification service at Part D Advisors includes:

Customized Process, Customized Communications.

We offer a customized approach to meet each employer’s unique needs, accommodate each employer’s corporate culture, and ultimately reduce health care costs. Verification frequency, reporting, and pre-populated communications are all customized, and results are guaranteed.

Positive Member Experience.

We strive to achieve the highest possible response rate (and we average 98%!). This means our focus is on making it as easy as possible for your members to respond. Calls are answered directly by in-house analysts who are trained to address your member’s specific eligibility needs and requirements.

Secure Technology.

As custodians of protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII), we pride ourselves on our industry leading, multi-tiered approach to data protection.

Finally, although this service is available to employers on its own, our customers have found the greatest financial gains by combining our REV process with our Dependent Verification service. Read more about this service here.