What is Dependent Verification?

Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) is a “snap-shot” eligibility review service aimed at helping employers to confirm health plan eligibility for dependents already on their health plan. During the DEV process, our verification team will collect documents that confirm dependent eligibility, which allows employers to identify any members who may potentially no longer qualify for the plan. This is an important process for employers and their HR staff as it aids in keeping health plan costs down by ensuring money is spent appropriately and preserves positive employee relations.

Dependent Eligibility Verification Services

Prior to the move to Part D Advisors, Health Decisions was already a leading national firm in the area of Dependent Verification. Our proven high-quality, high-tech, high-touch method surveys employees with dependents to request required documentation. Averaging a 98% employee response rate, along with a history of zero employee appeals, we set the standard in dependent eligibility verification audits. The CEOs, CFOs, and Human Resource professionals at more than 500 organizations report high satisfaction and appreciate the attention to detail our dependent eligibility auditing services provide. We have been chosen due to these differentiating features:

Proven Audit ROI.

Our dependent eligibility clients on average have removed 7% of dependents as a result of our verification service, with an average $14:$1 return on investment. And we’ll guarantee an ROI for your project.

Significant Depth and Breadth of Experience.

With more than 30 years of experience in Dependent Eligibility Verification, and a specialized dependent audit team with years of experience together, the expertise of our organization is unparalleled.

Focus on Customization and Client Service.

We offer a customized approach to meet each employer’s unique needs, accommodate each employer’s corporate culture, and ultimately reduce health care costs. All of our enrollment verification projects involve customized pre-populated communications. Our clients receive weekly briefings on dependent verification progress, along with a robust final report.

No Appeals.

Because of our proven approach and our guaranteed high response rate, our dependent verification clients have never had a single employee appeal from one of our audits.

Record Maintenance.

Finally, although this service is available to employers on its own, our customers have found the greatest financial gains by combining our DEV process with our Routine Verification service. Read more about this service here.

Please Note: If you have received a letter from your employer or Fund regarding a DEV review by Part D Advisors and are looking for the employee portal to upload documents, you will need to reference the letter for correct web address.