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PDA prides itself on providing the very best in customer service and satisfaction for our RDS and DEV clients and partners nationwide. Below is a map depicting where our clients are located as well as some of the RDS & DEV client testimonials we have received throughout our decades of providing the very best in ongoing and reopening Retiree Drug Subsidy program administration and Dependent Eligibility Verification services.

Note: click on the icons to reveal the testimonials. Blue icons represent RDS clients and green icons represent DEV clients.


Part D advisors has exceeded my expectations. They conducted an audit of our previous submissions and were able to recover additional monies on behalf of the organization. I can attest to the wonderful and professional staff they have. I would recommend Part D Advisors to anyone looking for an organization to assist them in the RDS process.
Lissette Priegues-Granado | Benefits Manager | Fraternal Order of Police


Part D Advisors quickly became a trusted and reliable partner for Besser Company, especially amid an unplanned HR leadership transition. Their knowledge, efficiency, and overall support made the process of securing RDS dollars easy and almost completely hands‐off on our end. I’d highly recommend their services to any business looking to lessen the administrative burden behind a very cumbersome RDS process.
Candie Dombroski | Chief Human Resources Officer | Besser Company

New York

I am writing today to extend my appreciation for the consistently excellent services we have received from you and your team at Part D Advisors over the past several years. Since 2012 Part D Advisors has assisted our organization the Superior Officers Council in “going back” to revisit several our previously filed RDS applications. Every step of the process was handled seamlessly from start to finish by you and your team at Part D Advisors.

Part D Advisors has been able to maximize our subsidy payments from previously reconciled applications. All the “reopening’s” your organization submitted on our behalf have successfully netted our organization additional subsidy monies from RDS. These monies have been beneficial in helping our organization to continue to provide benefits and services to our members we otherwise may not have been able to provide.

On behalf of our organization, I would like to extend our deepest thanks for the exceptional service you provided and look forward to continuing our relationship with your organization. We truly feel confident by using your services we will never again be “leaving money on the table.”!
Mary Ann Pellegriti | Fund Administrator | The Superior Officers Council of New York City


Over the years, Part D Advisors has played a crucial role in the administration of RDS for the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan since the start of its partnership. Part D Advisors has been consistent in delivering remarkable results through their knowledge and expertise in the RDS processes. Their commitment and dedication to the success of their clients has proven time after time through the communication and the transparency they have maintained with the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and its vendors. Part D Advisors’ team of experts have played a key role in not only helping our plan return our entitled subsidies, but also in educating our staff on the RDS processes and their continuous changes. We have established great trust in Part D Advisors through the success they have delivered and continue to deliver to our organization.
Ani Harutyunyan | Compliance Analyst | SAG•AFTRA Health Plan


We just didn’t think there was going to be enough of a return for what would have been considerable internal effort [but PDA found almost $8.5 million dollars] so as good as you think you might be, there are probably areas that you could be stronger and the expertise that Part D Advisors and their systems brings to the table will probably benefit you. My advice is it’s worth looking at RDS.
Rob Kukla | Director of Benefit Contracts | Employees Retirement System of Texas

Washington., D.C.

We would like to recommend Part D Advisors to assist with your organization’s needs. Part D Advisors thoroughly explained the process, answered all of our questions, and filed the paperwork. It was a pleasure doing business with a company so knowledgeable and dedicated.
Mary Goldsworthy | Executive Assistant to the International President | Amalgamated Transit Union


I would recommend Health Decisions. The audit was very organized, very detailed, and with the timeline you knew exactly what to expect. The process went very smoothly, and it didn’t take as much of our time as we thought it would.
Natalie Reyno | Human Resources Senior Manager | Times Supermarkets

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