As the Nation’s number one ongoing and reopening Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) service provider, PDA has clients representing all industries, ranging in size from a few dozen to well over one hundred thousand retirees. Below are pages devoted to the some of the groups who we serve, where you’ll find some of our client’s results – money they received by hiring PDA for their ongoing and reopening retiree drug subsidy (RDS) needs.

Our Retiree Drug Subsidy Clients Labor


Since our founding in 2005, PDA has worked extensively with unions and Taft-Hartley funds alike to help them serve their retirees. However, no matter how different they may be in location or specialty, they want the best for their retirees, which is why they hire PDA.

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Who We Serve Corporate


PDA knows how important it is for businesses to maximize their subsidy payments in order to continue to provide quality benefits for their employees and retirees alike. This money goes a long way in keeping costs down for both employer and employee; ensuring retirees are able to continue receiving the benefits they’ve earned.

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Who We Serve States and Munis

States and Municipalities

PDA has worked with all types of governmental organizations, from State Employee Retirement Systems to Road Commissions and Utility Boards ranging in size from a few hundred members to hundreds of thousands. Just like our municipal clients, PDA is dedicated to providing the greatest value for their citizens and retirees.

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